I make objects, illustrations, graphics and prints. I am mostly interested in art direction,  media and film projects.


I am Jimmy Grima and currently based in between Malta, Amsterdam and the sea.


My experience comes from a wide variety of projects including archival research, sets and props for film, performance design, brand identities, web design, print & animation.


Clients range from independent artists and galleries to publishers, cultural institutions and film productions.


Graphic props and scenery for film

Graphics outlined by a period film script including research, signs, logos, magazine covers, billboards, posters, paper work, maps, stationery, book jackets, labels, wallpaper, typography and handwriting. I work primarily with the production designer, the set decorator, the art director and the prop master.


Photography Post Production

Photo composites and retouching, grading,


Motion Graphic Design

Opening & end title sequence, animation



Research and fact-checks of graphics such as typography, book design, photography, symbols and info in film — both fiction and nonfiction.worked on 3 productions till today. Started with By the sea  Earlier this year I was engaged from paramount to work during prep on transformers 5. I was part of the graphics team working with concept art for ancient scripts, old maps researching and providing concepts for medieval , early 20th century and Second World War paper works.