we design graphics, lights and spaces

based in Amsterdam, established on the Island of Malta s.2010


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Tiny Island Studio has been led by Jimmy Grima since 2010. The works are various, from a drawing to a website to multidisciplinary projects including research, concepts, sets and props, art direction, actions, curation, editorial and web projects in the realm of the arts, film, theatre, and the performing arts;

What do we do ?

Graphic props and scenery for film


Working primarily with production designers, set decorators, art directors, and prop masters we create graphics (digital or handmade). We also conduct graphic research and have the experience to be on standby during shooting. 



magazine covers






book jackets





Video and Motion Graphics 


Working primarily with artists directors and producers we work with moving images to create videos, live feeds, moving graphics for film, theatre, and visual artists. We usually prefer to work with analog formats.


Design Opening & end title sequence


moving typography


multi-screen projections

live-feed cameras

Research and Archives



Research & fact-checks of graphics such as typography, archaeology, book design, historical photography — both fiction and nonfiction.


Manipulation of graphic content

curation of visual objects

Fixing of Dust Scratches

Design for Stage



Working primarily with directors and producers we research and create the design of performance works. We also conduct research and have experience in leading and working with a team of creatives and technicians. 

Art Direction

Technical Direction

Stage Design

light design

Sound Design

Props design

Props Standby

Tech Riders

Live Feed




Collaborating with others we can oversee printing jobs in various formats (offset, digital, screen printing).

We often release limited edition screen prints editions.

Graphic and Web Design



We create designs for the web and graphics for various forms and projects.

Setting up, designing, Development websites using Content Management Systems.

We have experience in creating graphic design for

editorial (magazines, books, pamphlets, book jackets)

campaigns (advertising, non-profit, billboards, banners, posters)

branding (logos, colours, slogans, stationery)